Happy Birthday Selenseas!

Today we are celebrating the 10th anniversary from the day of foundation!🥳🎉🎈

🌒 The first rehearsal took place on November 4, 2010 and became the starting point for the band.
🌒 In 2010-2013 Selenseas managed to record several demo tracks and have two singles (“Obratnaya Storona Luny” and “Odinochestvo” (eng. “Solitude”)) released on compilation albums on the Russian recording label “Life Music”.
🌒 In August 2016, an EP “V Otrazhenii…” (eng. “In A Reflection…”) was released on the “Life Music” label.
🌒 In February 2017, the full-length album “Za gran’yu vozmozhnogo” was released on the Russian label “SoundAge Productions”.
🌒 The presentation of the debut album took place on June 2nd, 2017 in the “Rock House” club in Moscow. An audio version of this performance was later published on all the major digital platforms. A video version is available on all official web resources of the band.
🌒 In August 2020, the album “The Outer Limits” was released on the Italian label Rockshots Records. This album received positive reviews from foreign critics.
🐉 Now Selenseas is working hard on the next full-length album, which promises to be even more interesting and epic.

We express our deep gratitude to everyone who took an active part in the life of Selenseas, as well as to everyone who supports us!🤘😊🤘