Selenseas is a heavy/power metal band from Moscow, Russia, formed in 2010 by Vladislav Tyushin, the main songwriter.

After a long debate about the band’s name, Vladislav proposed several options, one of which was “Selenseas”. This is a combination of “Selene”, the name of the Greek goddess of the Moon, and “seas”. It literally means “Lunar seas”, or “Seas of Selene”. This is a poetic name, and also a symbolic one: one of the band’s first songs is called “Obratnaya Storona Luny” (eng. “The Other Side Of The Moon”.

In 2010-2012, the band actively performed live and worked at the studio. The line-up at that time consisted of Vladislav Tyushin (bass, songwriting, lyrics), Denis Andrianov (rhythm guitars, songwriting), Ivan Lisitsyn (lead guitars), Tatyana Lillo (vocals, lyrics), Elena Kotenyova (keyboards), Anton Filippovich (drums).

The band managed to record several demo tracks and have two singles (“Obratnaya Storona Luny” and “Odinochestvo” (eng. “Solitude”)) released on compilation albums on the Russian recording label “Life Music”. 

The band’s early material can be described as melodic metal with romantic and philosophic lyrics.

From mid 2013 till 2015, the band was taking a break to renew the lineup and continue working on the music.

In 2015, the following new members joined Selenseas: Alexandr Lavrenov (lead guitars), Rodion Kitaev (vocals), Svetlana Tyushina (keyboards), Liudmila Malaya (drums). Lyudmila also contributed greatly to writing lyrics. With this line-up, the band performed live from 2015 to 2016.

In August 2016, an EP “V Otrazhenii…” (eng. “In A Reflection…”) was released on the “Life Music” label. Mixing and mastering was done by Sergei Lazar (Arkona, Rossomahaar) in the “CDM Records” studio. Guitarists Alexey Verbitsky (Legenda) and Gamil Makhmutov (ex-Ethno-Sound) participated in the recording the song “Nadezhda” (eng. “Hope”) as guest musicians.

EP “V Otrazhenii…” was not left unnoticed and received positive reviews from Russian and foreign listeners. That led the band to a decision to record a debut album both in Russian and in English.

In 2016, Rodion Kitaev left the band, and Ilia Skliarov joined as the new singer. 

In late 2016, the album was recorded with a number of guest musicians joining the band at the studio: Sergei Lazar (Arkona, Rossomahaar), Alex and Dasha Khovanski (Acatonia), Mariya Skryabina (ex-Anadora), Gamil Makhmutov (ex-Ethno-Sound). Recording sessions took place in two studios – “CDM Records” and “Acatonia Records”. The album was mixed and mastered by Sergei Lazar. During the recording, such additional instruments were used as violin (performed by Svetlana Tyushina), cello (Ilia Skliarov) and flute (Mariya Skryabina). 

The album was released in February 2017 on the Russian label “SoundAge Productions” and was named “Za gran’yu vozmozhnogo”. The music can be described as melodic heavy/power metal with elements of folk, progressive, doom and hard rock. The lyrics touch such themes as literature, movies, philosophy, mystics, mythology, fantasy and even physics. 

The presentation of the debut album took place on June 2nd, 2017 in the “Rock House” club in Moscow. Selenseas were supported by Acatonia and Legenda bands during the show. An audio version of this performance was later published on all the major digital platforms. A video version is available on all official web resources of the band.

The period from mid 2017 till early 2019 was a tough one for Selenseas due to frequent changes of the line-up. The band, however, managed to actively perform live and participate in festivals (Emergenza Festival Russian Federation 2018/2019 and Revolution Festival Moscow 2018). In addition to that, the work on the English version of the album “Za gran’yu vozmozhnogo” (eng. “The Outer Limits”) never stopped, and the band also started writing the material for the next release.

In 2019, Mikhail Kudrey, a talented vocalist, joined Selenseas as the new singer, and that was one of the milestones of the year. His unique voice and charisma turned out to be a perfect addition to the band’s style, and recording sessions followed immediately.

In mid 2019, the current line-up of Selenseas was finally formed: Vladislav Tyushin (bass), Denis Andrianov (rhythm guitars), Ivan Lisitsyn (lead guitars), Mikhail Kudrey (vocals), Liudmila Malaya (drums), Svetlana Tyushina (keyboards).

The band decided to re-record almost all instruments for the album “The Outer Limits”. To ensure a more powerful and epic sound, several guest musicians were invited: Sergei Lazar (Arkona, Rossomahaar), Ivan Garin, Andrey Zodchiy (ex-Dis Pater), Alexey Verbitsky (Legenda) and Gamil Makhmutov (ex-Ethno-Sound). 

Once again, mixing and mastering were entrusted to Sergei Lazar. The sound he managed to create was exactly what the band was looking for, and that’s the direction Selenseas would like to follow in the future. 

“The Outer Limits” is due for release in 2020, on the Italian label “Rockshots Records”.